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Journalyze is your ultimate online trading journal, designed to enhance your trading performance effortlessly. It automatically imports your trades, analyzes your strategy, and offers actionable insights to make you a better trader.

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Journalyze is an innovative trading journal software designed to streamline the process of tracking your trades. By automatically recording every order, buy or sell, directly into Journalyze, it eliminates the need for manual note-taking. This sophisticated platform also captures and uploads screenshots from your trading platform, ensuring that every detail of your trade is meticulously documented. Ideal for day traders and online traders alike, Journalyze offers a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to optimize their trading strategy and performance, making it a quintessential tool in the realm of day trading journals.

Our mission

The best journaling experience

For many traders, the discipline of daily journaling is a cornerstone of success, yet the task can seem daunting, especially for those trading on a part-time basis. Journalyze introduces a game-changing solution that significantly reduces the effort required for effective trading journaling.

Our platform integrates day trading analytics software and an online trading journal, streamlining the process of keeping a detailed trading record. This makes it incredibly efficient for part-time traders to maintain a thorough and insightful trading journal without the drain on energy usually associated with this critical practice.

With Journalyze, the once burdensome task of daily journaling becomes effortlessly manageable. Our trade service software is designed to ensure that even the most detailed journaling requires the least amount of effort from you, allowing you to focus on what matters most: improving your trading performance. Elevate your trading to new heights with the minimal effort and maximum efficiency offered by Journalyze.

Import effortlessly

Import effortlessly

All trades are imported into Journalyze in real-time so you can take notes instantly.

Build your trading edge

Build your trading edge

Sharpen your market advantage with Journalyze, building a trading edge that sets you apart from the competition.

Review all your trades

Review all your trades

Journalyze enables you to comprehensively review every trade, streamlining your analysis and enhancement process.


Easy journaling

Experience effortless journaling with Journalyze, the leading trade service software designed for simplicity and efficiency.


Trade synchronization

Seamlessly sync your trades across platforms with Journalyze for real-time, unified trading insights.


Meaningful reports

Unlock insights with Journalyze’s meaningful reports, turning data into actionable intelligence for smarter trading decisions.


Trading playbook

Craft your winning strategy with Journalyze’s Trading Playbook, your personalized guide to navigating the markets successfully.


Smart tagging

Enhance your trade analysis with Journalyze’s smart tagging, effortlessly categorizing trades for optimized review and strategy refinement.


Screen capturing

Secure every trading moment with Journalyze’s screen capture functionality, preserving every critical detail of your transactions.


Trade journal on autopilot

Journalyze revolutionizes your day trading journal routine by eliminating the bulk of manual tasks, automatically uploading trade executions, and attaching relevant screenshots and videos, saving you hours of time.

Automatically import your trades

Automatically Import Your Trades

Importing all your trades at the end of a trading day and recalling the rationale behind your entries, identifying strengths, and pinpointing areas for improvement can be both tedious and time-consuming.

Enter Journalyze, equipped with instant trade synchronization. This revolutionary feature significantly reduces the effort required for tracking your trades to an absolute minimum. With Journalyze, the process of journaling trades becomes seamless, efficient, and hassle-free.

boost your trading edge

Take Notes and Tag Your Trades to Boost Your Trading Edge

For every trader, recognizing your strengths and acknowledging areas for improvement is essential to achieving consistent profitability.

With a trading journal online, you can tag your trades with the reasons for entry and exit, highlight your successes, and pinpoint areas needing enhancement. 

This critical insight allows you to construct a robust foundation for a sustainable trading edge.

Review all your trades easily

Review All Your Trades Easily

Journalyze, the best online trading journal, streamlines your process by auto-syncing every trade execution while capturing screenshots and videos of your charts, eliminating the need for manual chart uploads.

This powerful tool empowers you to effortlessly journal trades, track and analyze your transactions, identify patterns and trends, and enhance your decision-making for improved trading performance.


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